Transitional Aftercare Facility for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

about bill's place

Founded by Vivienne Long-Speer as a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization (#16-1735869), Bill's Place is the culmination of 35+ years of substance abuse education and personal development in a world where business as usual is anything but — brought forward to cause transformation in the face of no possibility.

Bill’s Place is a transitional aftercare facility offering a sober lifestyle in a supportive environment. The program is created specifically for recent parolees with substance abuse issues.
We are an all-inclusive, sober living house and aftercare facility that offers residential and employment services to men grappling with the stigma of past actions and the consequences of their choices, specifically men who...

  • Are serious about changing their lives post incarceration

  • Want a safe, confidential group residential facility conducive to remaining alcohol- and drug-free

  • Make the choice to stay out of trouble and commit to doing whatever it takes to stay that way.

Our program is confidential, anonymous, and private. Our intention is to provide a family environment where residents support themselves and each other.

Learn more about how we can help you or someone you know by visiting our Program page.